Group Training

We fix you before we build you up.

Unlike other gyms, OC Group Training is a training option that you are progressed to. We make sure that you are able to move freely without discomfort (i.e you can squat without knee pain, deadlift without back pain and bench press without shoulder pain) BEFORE we clear you for our group classes.

Our Group Training is fun, challenging and high energy and will help you lose fat, increase endurance and tone/build muscle to leave you feeling great. 


Class Components

Every Group Training session will have you paired with a highly trained coach. 

The following components are incorporated into each Group Training class (and tailored to you) to keep you safely progressing towards your goals.


Body Reset/Recovery

we help you Get your mobility back so that you can move with ease and live pain-free with our specialized injury recovery program.



Body Remodelling

we help you Reshape your entire body with our intensive weight loss program.

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Athletic Training

we help you Maximize your athletic performance with our sport-specific training program.

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Strength Training

we help you Increase strength, breakthrough plateaus and reach new heights with our tailored-to-you strength program. 

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