Semi-Private Training

Small group training with no more than four people.

There is something special about training in a small group, especially when those people are working towards similar goals to your own. Your Semi-Private Training program is personalized to you and will have you training with up to four people — each working towards their own goals at their own pace.

When putting groups together we take your fitness level, goals, lifestyle and schedule into account to ensure that you are paired with like-minded people. You also have the option to choose your own group.


Program Componets

Your Semi-Private Training Program is designed to help you achieve longevity. 

Your program includes the following components – which are based on your needs, goals and lifestyle.


Body Reset/Recovery

we help you Get your mobility back so that you can move with ease and live pain-free with our specialized injury recovery program.



Body Remodelling

we help you Reshape your entire body with our intensive weight loss program.

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Athletic Training

we help you Maximize your athletic performance with our sport-specific training program.

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Strength Training

we help you Increase strength, breakthrough plateaus and reach new heights with our tailored-to-you strength program. 

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