About Us

We Help You Reach Your True Potential.

Since opening our doors we have been dedicated to helping men and women (of all ages and fitness levels) reclaim their mobility, strength and life with personalized strength & conditioning training and corrective exercises.



We Are...

Injury Prevention & Recovery Specialists

We get to know you and your body (how it moves and why it moves that way) then work with you to correct your misalignments and/or faulty movement patterns to help you safely reach your health and fitness potential.


Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches

All of our coaches hold a minimum of four industry certifications.

We take a corrective approach to strength & conditioning training and believe in the uniqueness of people, tailoring all of our programs to meet your unique needs.


Trusted By Medical Professionals

We work collaboratively with South Orange County’s top Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Clinical Nutritionists to help take you from where you are at now to where you want to be.



"We believe that pain should always be addressed."



Our Philosophy

We believe that humans are meant to move.

We are born to be strong, resilient and flexible. However over the past two decades many of us have lost these basic human qualities due to constant sitting and a life spent predominately indoors — which has made us weaker and more prone to injury.

Everything that we program at OC Performance Coaches is designed to help you get back to being strong and resilient in every aspect of how you move — the way you were meant to be.

We teach you how to reconnect your body and own your movement so that you can move with ease (without the risk of injury) feel stronger, and have complete control of your body at all times.

Pain is just one of the many variables that tells us there is something going on with your system. We believe that pain should always be address and never worked through.



Our Promise

You will never leave OC Performance Coaches feeling broken.

We will always give you the support and accountability coaching that you need to safely reach your desired fitness goals.