Corporate Training

Empower your workplace with a customized health and fitness program.

Our Corporate Training program is a fully customizable in-house program designed specifically for businesses looking to incorporate health and fitness into the workplace.

Whether you’re looking to offer weekly outdoor staff bootcamps, run a weekend team building program, or host a Biggest Loser-style fitness challenge, we work with you to develop a program that fits with your budget, schedule and business goals.


The Benefits of a Corporate Training Program

Unhealthy employees experience a wide range of work-related injuries.

Muscle strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress fractures and back pain are all common workplace injuries.

One of the primary benefits of a corporate training program is that it significantly reduces the rates of illness and injuries among employees – while also decreasing employee stress levels and improving their overall health.

As a result: insurance claims and sick days go down, and employee retention and productivity goes up.