Personal Training

One-on-one coach training with personalized programming.

Customized to your needs, OC Personal Training will give you the highest level of hands-on coaching and education available, along with access to all of our special services – which includes Vibration Therapy, DMS therapy and specialized training equipment.


Program Components

Your Personal Training Program is designed to help you achieve longevity.

Your program includes the following components – which are based on your needs, goals and lifestyle.


Body Reset/Recovery

We help you Get your mobility back so that you can move with ease and live pain-free with our specialized injury recovery program.



Body Remodelling

We help you Reshape your entire body with our intensive weight loss program.

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Athletic Training

we help you Maximize your athletic performance with our sport-specific training program.

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Strength Training

we help you Increase strength, breakthrough plateaus and reach new heights with our tailored-to-you strength program. 

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